Introduction to Music Theory Centre

Welcome to Music Theory Centre. We are building courses which will teach music theory from the very beginning up to advanced levels.

Our goal is to teach music theory in a way which will help you to understand music on a deep level. We want to teach you how music works as well as why it works the way it does so you will understand music itself, in any genre. Our courses are not just focused on the study of classical music, but musical concepts which can be used in any style.

For this reason we teach everything you will need if you want to take music theory exams, but we also show how the theory can be applied in the real world so if you want to take exams, be a composer, perform an instrument, write songs or just increase your musical knowledge, our courses are perfect for you.

About Me

My name is Tom Glasson, I’m a musician and I have been playing in bands for 15 years, I am also a composer and have been writing music for videos and games for the past 10 years.

I have personally seen significant improvement to my music both as a composer and a musician through studying music theory, so I am excited to share that with you, and help you develop your connection with music.